Spare5 Review – Make Extra Cash in Your Spare Time

If you had 5 minutes of spare time, what would you do? Watch TV? Browse the Internet? Check Twitter? Talk to your cat?

I recently discovered Spare5, a website (and app) that gives you a way to spend your spare time productively while putting some extra change in your pocket! Whether you have 5 minutes, or 5 hours to spare, you can complete quick paid tasks on Spare5 from home and on the go with your phone!

When I have only a few minutes to spare, I tend to just wander around because I don’t feel like I can get much done in that time. So, I was pretty interested in the concept of Spare5 and was very interested in giving it a try!

Continue reading this Spare5 review to learn more about Spare5 and how it works.

What is Spare5?

What is Spare5?Most businesses have huge quantities of potentially useful data. But, it tends to be unstructured, insufficient, or even incomplete.

In order to improve, complete, or make sense of this data, businesses can utilize Spare5 to break the giant data sets into quick micro-tasks.

Spare5 crowdsources these tasks to users who have a “spare 5 minutes” and want a way to use that time productively.

You can get paid to do these tasks at home on your computer or you can complete tasks from anywhere by downloading the Spare5 app (available for iOS).

Spare5 for Android
Spare5 for Android appears to be in progress. For more information, there is a form on the Spare5 website where you can subscribe to Spare5 Android updates.

How Does Spare5 Work?

Spare5 TasksOnce you sign up for Spare5, you’ll be able to browse available tasks and get paid for each task you complete!

The tasks on Spare5 are things like:

  • Writing image titles
  • Finding objects in images
  • Rating articles
  • Locating email addresses and phone numbers
  • Matching products

Most of the tasks are pretty quick, so you can just do a couple if you only have a few minutes. If you have more time, you can also sit down and do lots of them! There are usually quite a bit of tasks available to keep you busy for quite a long time, though they do run out occasionally.

When completing tasks, take your time and make sure to read the instructions. It is mentioned on the Spare5 website that if your work is high quality, you’ll get access to more tasks. If you’re rushing through tasks and being careless, you could lose access to future tasks.
Spare5 Task ExampleWhen you start a task, you’ll get a set of instructions and usually a few examples.

Most of the tasks I have completed on Spare5 have all been simple (not the type that will burn you out after an hour) and they usually pay pretty well for the work and time required.

The screenshot on the left is an example of the Review Labels for Home Decor Items tasks I did on the website. Each of these tasks required answering a few questions about the image. They were pretty easy and fast. I knocked out 29 of them in about 8 minutes for a total of $1.45.

You’ll also sometimes see qualification tasks which are short tests you can take that qualify you for more tasks.

The tasks on the website are different from the tasks in the app. If one doesn’t have any tasks you like, check the other!
Spare5 AppThe tasks in the Spare5 app are pretty good too and definitely worth checking out if you have an iPhone. It looks like an Android app is currently in the works and there is a list you can subscribe to on the Spare5 website to be notified about the progress.

I did a few of the Find Home Decor Items tasks in the app, and they required boxes to be drawn around objects in an image. Ah, so that’s where the boxes came from in the previous task! It was a little frustrating trying to get the boxes just right on the touchscreen but still not too bad.

These tasks are great for times when you are away from home and want to make a little extra cash. Though it seems like the tasks on the website are a bit quicker just because you don’t have to fumble around with a touchscreen.

Spare5 Payout

Spare5 Payout
Currently, the only option when cashing out with Spare5 is Paypal.

Spare5 pays out every Friday. They pay whatever you earned (that passed the quality review) from the Wednesday of the week before to the Wednesday of the current week.

The minimum payout is $1.00. If you earned less than that, the balance will carry over to the next week and you’ll get paid after you’ve earned $1.00 or more.

Spare5 Review


Is Spare5 Worth It? Yes

Spare5 Payout ProofSpare5 is definitely worth using! I rated it a 5 for Ease of Use because the tasks are easy and the instructions are clear. The layout of the website (and app) is simple and intuitive which makes it easy to sign up and start doing tasks.

For Low Effort/Time, I gave Spare5 a 4 because the tasks are usually pretty fast and you can easily do a few if you only have a couple minutes. But, you can also sit down when you have the time and do lots if they are available. Spare5’s Earning Potential is a solid 5. The tasks pay pretty well for the time and effort involved. I spent maybe 30 minutes total throughout the last 2 weeks and made $8.17. So, I can definitely see this being a great earner if you have a bit extra time to put into it. As soon as finals are over, I’ll surely be putting lots more time into it!

I gave the Payout a 5 because you only have to earn $1.00 to receive a payment and Paypal is always a great payout option. The Speed of Payment gets a 3 because you do have to wait a week or so for the Paypal deposit. Still, having a payday every Friday isn’t too bad.

Overall, Spare5 is a legit way to earn some extra cash in your spare time! It works well for those who have just a little time, and for those who have lots! Hopefully the Android app will be available soon, but even if you don’t have an iPhone there are plenty of tasks available on the website.

How to Sign Up for Spare5
You can sign up for Spare5 on their website or by downloading the Spare5 app (iOS only).
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